The Oldest and Largest Natural Lake in California

presented by The Lakeport Main Street Association

Ramp Information

The Natural High School field has been the historic site of the Clear Lake Splash-In for 43 years. It is currently under construction and being upgraded into a city park. NHS will no longer be available as our "home base."

We have permission from the City of Lakeport to open the First and Fifth Street boat ramps to provide seaplane parking and display.

  Ramp Schedule

By City use-permit, the ramps will be closed on Friday.

Both ramps will be open 09:00 to 16:00 on Saturday, and 09:00 to 13:00 on Sunday.. If you plan to arrive on Friday, park overnight at Lampson Field.

In order to avoid over-crowding arrivals at the ramps on Saturday, we will be releasing aircraft from Lampson Field to allow ground crews at the ramps time to position and park each aircraft.

Note: We will be sharing both ramps with boaters. Use 122.9 for advisory information. Please be patient and courteous with our fellow ramp users.

  First Street Ramp

The first Street ramp has a floating dock on the south side that is used by Disney Boat Rentals. This concrete ramp is 50 feet wide with no vertical posts. Aircraft parking for those using the First Street ramp will be on Park Street, which is 59 feet, curb-to-curb. The Park Street display area will be from First Street to Third Street.

  Fifth Street Ramp

The Fifth Street ramp has 44 feet of wingspan available between the vertical posts, and 29 feet between the two side docks. There is a 2 foot high "shoulder" near the top on both sides of the walkway/docks.

This ramp will be used mainly by aircraft on floats. It has a wind-wall on the right (north) side and a very well defined centerline cut in the concrete for taxi guidance. Parking is to the left at the top of the ramp.

The Fifth Street ramp is at: N 39° 02.723, W 122° 54.807.

  Sponsors and Donatations

We wish to thank the Sponsors and Donors that have helped keep Splash-In a viable west coast seaplane event.

Konocti Bicycles

Santana's Cottage Cafe
Ferringno's Italian Baked Goods Strong Financial Network

  Event Registration

The Clear Lake Splash-In is a major regional event held in Lakeport, California, organized and staffed completely by volunteers.

Registration is requested for planning purposes.

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